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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Parker's Science Fair Project

This is the board that Parker and I made for his Science Fair Project. We had a great time as a family (along with his best friend Joseph's family) learning about and going through the process of making maple syrup! It was a lot of work, but also A LOT of fun! Plus we get to eat the finished product now that the Science Fair is over! BONUS!

I was super excited when I discovered that there was a Maple Leaf cut on the Wildcard cartridge! Boy did that come in handy! He got a lot of compliments on his display!

1 comment:

Sandy from Ukiah said...

I have no doubt he got comments on his board.. how fun. I just pm'ed you back and asked you if you had a blog... and then decided to look at your name and here you are.. Now I can come see all of the FABULOUS you are doing... going to go check out your blog.

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