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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Krazy about Kaye!

Okay, my friend Kaye has been talking for awhile now about starting a blog.  Well..she FINALLY took the leap into blog land and now has her own little place to share her creativity!  Kaye isn't a scrapbooker, YET!  I'm trying to pull her over to the darkside, she's already a paper whore so it isn't too far fetched that she could be easily swayed to put some pictures and pretty embellishments on that paper!  She may not be a scrapbooker (again YET), but she is uber talented in so many other crafty areas!  The mosaic tiling projects of hers that I've seen are nothing short of amazing!  ...and can you believe she ran fabric through her printer the other day to use as a square on a pillow she's making!?!  Go ahead and *gasp* husband did when I told him what she did and I assure you that there will be more than gasping going on when her husband finds out that she did that and then all H E double hockey sticks is gonna break loose when he finds out she started a blog!  lol  A week ago when we were throwing around names for her blog I told her she should call it "Don't tell my husband!"  because everytime we talked about her starting a blog or a new project she was starting on she would say "don't tell my husband!" she laughed, but decided that Yesterday's Tomorrow 2011 would better convey what her blog was all about.  I still think she should add "Don't Tell My Husband" as a subtitle to her blog name!

I have received 232 emails from Kaye today (okay...maybe that is a slight exaggeration), updating me practically every minute on how many followers she has (at last count she was up to, 2 of our friends from school, her cousin, another friend of hers and some random guy that she has no clue who he is! lol)  and 71 visits to her blog!  Seriously, she can't stop looking at those counters and it makes her happy to see that numbers go up!  So...what do you say ladies...can you help me bring more happiness to my friend Kaye?!?!  I promise she will be entertaining (she makes me laugh out loud numerous times a day!) and she will wow you with her projects if you decide to stop by her blog and become a follower!  

1 comment:

Lullie Belle Designs said...

I am the proud cousin of Kaye! She makes me laugh too and I think a blog is perfect for her. I hear the "Rob doesn't know yet" a lot. lol. Your disney cards are so cool.


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