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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yellow Jacket painted canvas created using SCAL for school auction!


I so wish you could all see this in person.  This picture does not do the painting justice.  First of all the colors look way off.  The color around the yellow jacket is a beautiful deep purple.  Plus, the canvas is hanging in our display case at the school which right now is covered with yellow the outside yellow you see is just the background the painting is hanging on.  The colors around the edges of the frame are a lavender and bright sunshine yellow.  The kids had so much fun painting this masterpiece and are very excited to see how much money it goes for at the auction.  I have big hopes that the superintendent will show up at the auction and bid big bucks on this and then hang it in the hallway of the administration building!  We shall see....  the auction is a week from today.  I donated a Thirty-One tote with 10 of my handmade cards inside of it and my Mom has made two beautiful hand woven baskets that are going up for bid as well.   I will share the mosaic vase from Tanner's classroom as soon as I finish adding the grout to it (which I was supposed to do yesterday). 

Thanks once again to Mardenz for sharing her yellow jacket cut file!  

1 comment:

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Melissa it looks beautiful and I so hope too that it goes for BIG bucks.. Can't wait to hear how the auction goes.. You are so sweet to always do so much, your boys are so blessed to have you. hugs

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