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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mr. Novak in a dress fund raising container!

Parker's teacher is generously donating himself as an auction item! 

He is willing to put on a dress while at school with various accessories depending on the amount of money we can bring in!  We are going for the whole $500 to get him completely decked out and parading down the hall!
The auction is an adult only evening and the kids were all asking how they could bid...we decided that this was the best way to let them get involved.  Parker took it into the school for the first time on Friday and came home with $15!!  I thought that was pretty good considering not many people knew we were going to do this. 

This is a HUGE thing for Parker's teacher to do.  He is a very quiet and private man (although he would do just about anything for his students and our school..OBVIOUSLY!) so the fact that he is willing to put himself out there like this is a big, big deal and very much appreciated!  His wife actually came up with the idea and although he was less than thrilled he is being a trooper and going all out!  Can't wait to see how much we raise or what color dress he will be wearing!  I think he looks kinda cute in pink!  hee hee What do you think???  


Cindy said...

too funny!

Kaye said...

Count on me to go in on a bid!!!


Heide said...

What a great teacher!
You better take pictures when you make it to the goal!

Melissa said...

He is a great teacher Heide and a wonderful supporter of our kids and school! Oh you better believe there will be pictures and if we get the whole $500 there will be a parade through the school hallways ending with pictures going on the school website! :)

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