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Thursday, March 25, 2010

MS Bright Side Blog Award!

I received another blog award this morning!  Thank you to Sheena from Dew Drops & Glue Spots!  You can check her blog out here >>>>

I have to write 10 things that make me Happy and 5 Trivia Facts about myself....

10 things that make me happy

 1   Spring weather!
 2   Being able to listen to music in the car with the windows down!
 3   Having healthy children.
 4   Everything Disney.
 5   Sharing my love and knowledge of Disney with others.
 6   Helping out at my boys school.
 7   Watching a good thriller movie curled up on the couch with my hubby.
 8   Walking under the train station onto Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom!
 9   My getaway scrapping weekends with my girlfriends!
10  Thinking about where I've been, where I'm at and where I'm going! 

5 Trivia facts about Me

1  My very first new vehicle was my 'dream' car a red Jeep Wrangler.  I still own it!
2  I am the Vice President of the PTO at my boys school.
3  I was on bed rest for 4 months during my second pregnancy and I lost my son's twin.
4  I have stayed at every Disney Resort except for the Grand Floridian and Contemporary at least once.
5  I started dating my husband in High School when I was a Freshman!

I have been coming across so many new to me, fabulous blogs and I want to share my love with some of those.  This time I am going to tag:

Congratulations ladies!  Make sure to claim your award for your blog and pass it onto some of your favorites!


Audrey Frelx said...

Congratulations on your award!!! And, congratulations to all the ladies receiving it!

I'll be seeing you!

Annette said...

Melissa- Thanks for giving me this award! I've just now had the time to come and get it! :)

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