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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy 1-11-11!

Good morning!  I was going to wait and post this at 11:11 AM, but I'm not sure I will be finished up at the school and back home in time.  :-)

Here are a couple of poster board signs that I have made recently for the boys school.  I love how the fish bowl turned out using the prism paper that they used to sell at WalMart.  I'm bummed that they no longer sell it.  I am running low on my stash of it and it was hard to part with it for this project, but I thought it was just perfect for it, so I caved! 

Is it wrong that I purchased the Varsity Lite cartridge specifically to decorate or Spirit Wear display case and to make these signs?  Any excuse to add another cartridge to the library is a good thing! 

Hope you all have a fantastic day!  We are under a winter weather advisory later this afternoon so I am crossing my fingers for a snow day tomorrow!  If you haven't already entered for a chance to win the Love Struck cartridge be sure to scroll down and check it out! 


K-E Kreations said...

Not wrong at all. If we didn't purchase for specific projects, we wouldn't need any of the carts. :-)

I passed the same cart the other day & decided I needed it - it's the perfect font for all those sports themed LO's I do for my son.

Both of your projects are great! Love the prism paper on the fishbowl.

The Cropping Canuck said...

Love the fishbowl! It was worth the paper sacrifice. lol

Yesterday I cut out vinyl for DS's hockey helmet and DH said, "Don't you have a sportier font?" I think I need Varsity Lite as well!

Beckie W said...

I love both signs. I have to agree any reason to buy a cartridge is awesome to me. Thanks for sharing.

PS the fish bowl loks great!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Melissa you are so funny, of course that is a good reason to buy a cart. I love that fish bowl, what cart. did you cut the bowl from??? hugs

WAM Family said...


I don't have to have a reason to buy the cart. All I need is to like at least one of the cuts and I get it. I know it is so bad, but this is way I have over 200 carts and still


email me you addy please

wamfamily at surewest dot net

Lesley from WI said...

The fish bowl is too cute! Love it

Chris Wooten said...

not wrong at all. use any excuse you can to buy a new cart, lol.

I know we have snow on top of snow on top of ice. messy

My husband's work has never shut down, but the ice is bad. He has had to go in with ice before. I was so surprised when they closed his work.

It is bad though. He fell down int he driveway. He drove up the street and stop to talk to at least 4 different nieghbors and they all say they fell too.

Stay safe people. You can drive on snow, but 4 wheel drive is no match for ice


oh melissa not sure if you have been to my blog. info on there for giveaways

ownhomedog said...

cool poster- i got the prism paper at Target in the scrap isle. think it was in the .99 section.

Kim said...

I Agree! Any excuse to get a new cartridge works for me!!

Audrey Frelx said...

How cute! I love both but the fishbowl I'd have to say if my favorite of the two!

Melissa said...

Just catching up on comments ladies!

Sandy, the fish bowl was cut from Create a Critter!

Kathryn, I just emailed you! Hope your daughter is feeling better! {{HUGS}}

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