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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

Since we had a snow day on Thursday, our boys school celebration for the Chinese New Year had to be pushed back a day.  It didn't seem to phase the excitement and joy heard throughout the halls of the school yesterday that we had to celebrate a day late! 

Here is a picture of Tanner in the outfit Jim just brought back from China for him.  He was so excited and proud to wear this to school! 

The only picture I have to share with you of Parker is his legs and feet since he was part of one of the dragons!   He is wearing the black pants with the grey and white stripe with white shoes! 

...and what would Chinese New Year 2011 be without a rabbit?  Here is ours!

Jim brought these back from China for all of the students.  They are used for decorating during the Chinese New Year and the coins, dragons and mask are all for good luck!  The kids were super excited when we handed these out and very thankful! 

Here is my husband, Jim in his new Chinese jacket with Tanner.

...and with the rabbit!

It was another fantastic day at our school watching all the different ethnicities come together and celebrate as one!  


Sweet Magnolia Rose said...


Denise-Scrapmouse said...

Awesome clothes and souvenirs from China. What a great dad! And your son looks adorable in his new clothes. Thanks for sharing.

Audrey Frelx said...

Melissa, the pictures are great!!! Tanner looks so adorable in his looking costume.

Glad having to push the celebration back didn't dampen the mood at all!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Tanner looks so proud.. I am sure the kids all enjoyed the gifts that Jim brought back. You are so blessed Melissa. hugs

BettyBee said...

Oh, Melissa, this is a wonderful post! I just love seeing celebrations like this, and having Jim bring special gifts from China for the students will make memories that will last a lifetime! The dragon was awesome! Tanner is just precious in his Chinese coat and hat! Thank you so much for sharing this with us at BettyBee's Buzz. I'm sad we didn't realize it was Chinese New Year and make a big deal out of it... we missed a chance to do something really fun! Happy New Year!

Rosemary said...

How cool!!..and to make it even more special it was given from dad. I can just imagine how excited the kids were with their gift!..Thank you for sharing this with us at Betty Bee's Buzz!!

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